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Opportunity to meet and greet fellow Fort Wayne CMSA Members

Hello fellow chapter members,

In life we’re taught to find positivity in an otherwise negative situation. Well this is no exception with COVID – 19. This virus has depleted many emotionally, financially and socially to name a few. As the current President of the Fort Wayne CMSA chapter I can say all the above is true, but mostly socially. Being in the health care industry we enjoy togetherness, learning/education, advocating for the most vulnerable with our public policy voices and networking with one another to continue our work in making healthcare the best it can be.

With that all said, we as a chapter along with all the other CMSA chapters including National have had to adapt, think outside the box as they say to reach our members, keep together, planning educational offerings, network etc. Back in May of this year our chapter purchased( ZOOM) meeting to continue our work, continue our scheduled meetings, and educate with great success.

With our new-found technology, be on the look out for a zoom invite to our members near and far. I’ve seen names that I’d like to have met but haven’t had an opportunity to or distance kept from happening. Well the positive and silver lining in all the craziness is I now can meet members of our chapter that I wouldn’t have had a chance to before.

Please join me August 24th at 6:30pm to meet other members and get updated on what our small but mighty chapter has been up to in an open format.

Look forward to seeing/ hearing from everyone!

Julie Massey (cell 260-433-0551 if anyone has difficulty joining)

2019-2020 President