The Board has the responsibilities for managing the affairs of the Chapter, its direction, program priorities, resource allocations and both financial performance and planning. The ultimate responsibility for the Chapter’s programs, activities, and fiscal integrity rests with the Board of Directors. The Board sets the leadership tone for the industry/profession by:

  • Planning the future of direction of the Chapter;
  • Ensuring that the needs of the membership are met;
  • Evaluating and approving the programs, priorities and activities of the Chapter;
  • Establishing the policies to guide the conduct of the Chapter;
  • Setting financial benchmarks and monitoring for achievement;
  • Upholding the Bylaws of the Chapter.


 The Board of Directors is the visionary body for the Chapter. It is their responsibility to understand the practice of case management, evaluate the needs of the membership, consider the resources of the Chapter and develop the Long Range Plan and the strategy to implement the plan.

Executive Committee


Tiffany Marie Slovan

Leesa Ann Ackermann

Health Advocate Professionals LLC

Beth Ann Armstrong

Stacey Bussel

Parkview Health

Rose Henline

Past President 

Julie Massey

President Elect 

Erin Cunningham

Select Medical


Cassandra Rosene


Amber Rose Hollins

Lutheran Life Villages - Pine Valley
e-mail: [email protected]